Beauty of Mountain


Just a few days ago, I went to the mountains. It was one of the most beautiful moment for me when I did not get before. With the blue waters of the eternal friendship. Under the open sky, blue waters of the game mean. A vivid blue on the gray sand to watch the game was rushed to the district, which is one of the clear blue river Someshwari.

Not only that, but there are also hiding in the mountains, stealing, lying kola Jure a new world leaf-green color of the lake water, and surprise surprise is hidden behind the white limestone hills pink.

Many have heard the story of the mountain, the mountain in a ceramic, or there is a blue-water lake! Curiosity could no longer suppress.That in this country there is only pink red-green hill, and how many days or it can be kept out of sight! The journey will narrate the story of the winter at the beginning of this summer.

I just got bus tickets in the evening, go there or take three hours.Fog is awful, utter darkness to emerging bus, where the driver of the bus has left the guess throwing stones. Buses are running, I do not bounce the wrong bus, the bus is on the road going through the hills or could not visualize anything. The seat became difficult to sit after a while.


The domestic environment is the cradle of sleep by sleeping passengers Gallop! This street ‘roller coaster’ surprise to see the state of the jaw while hovering, tilted her cry when I hear the driver saying, Head light burning! What to say, how helper burns headlights, the driver’s job!

Intense fog, go out through the window I saw the door hanging from one hand to another helper’s hand holding a torch-lit in front of the bus, the driver in the headlights! To cling to walls like Spider bus got off at 11 for five hours at night. The next morning, the bell has sounded the car, the two sides opened a vast green field, occasionally a tree of the field. Green could not take my eyes from the screen. Plump little more to go before the book came out, and what I see! In front of the crystal clear blue sea.

Where is the pain of losing a little swept away the previous green, who knows? Someshwari water as far as the eye can see, gold is shining in the sun. We are seduced by the beauty of the green water of the tapa busy making the top picture, the local kid told him, when crossing the mountain of pink or blue; there’s another lake water. Or is it a great beauty industry! I read that Mari New in Price flat in the middle and two small canals running jump across the pond to see the blue. The mountain, the whole world stood in front of my eyes.

Seeing days away, many places including the dark hills to see me, but I could not because of lack of time. The heart was very excited to see it again, again the bamboo bridge, knee water, the boat ride to clarify all the oppressive nature of each image.

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Rifle Scope

Firearm enthusiasts are increasingly looking for an optical enhancement device, to not only use on their rifles but also on other guns. As a replacement of the metallic sights used before, rifle scopes have undoubtedly increased the efficiency of rifles and made long range shooting less complicated.

Whether you are a seasonal hunter, a recreational shooter, or a professional in the armed forces, the ease of aiming and shooting brought by the scope is something that cannot go unmentioned.


While the metallic sight would involve a lot of complexities in lining up the rear with the front sight before shooting, the scope only requires the long range shooter to line up the reticle with the target –shooting has never been any easier and more efficient. Moreover, with the use of lenses in the scope, the target is made clearer and appears closer, owing to the magnification, thereby enabling you to get the perfect shot on the target. Want to know more about rifle scope visit .The lenses have also made it easier for shooters with eyesight problems to have a clean shot with a few adjustments of the ocular.

With many different types of scopes that have come with the advancement in technology, the available options can be overwhelming, and choosing the right one can get incredibly confusing. Worry not, since this article brings you a detailed list of factors to consider before you purchase a rifle scope for your long range shooting. The last thing you would want, especially if you are just starting to familiarize yourself with shooting, is the frustration and confusion brought by lack of relevant information about a scope.Our Recent Experience

By the end of this piece, you will have understood a lot, from the jargons used with scopes to the specific desirable features and everything in between, to help you make the right choice before buying one. Simply read on.

Magnification power


The most primary feature that you will want to know about the scope before buying it is its magnification power. The use mainly determines the choice of the optical strength of the lens it will be serving. For instance, a hunter in a thick forest hunting for a deer will be dreadfully underequipped with a mere 32x scope. While at it, ensure that you stick to your budget since the more powerful magnification may cost you more bucks.


Targeting in long range shooting highly depends on the reticle choice you make. You will be amazed at the number of the types of reticles available in the market today. You will need one that leads your eye naturally to the desired target whether in close range or long range. Among the common types include the duplex reticle, mildot reticle and the BDC reticle (bullet drop compensator).

The duplex reticles are recommended for hunting and other shooting no more than 300 yards, the mildot reticle for shooting targets beyond 300 yards, and the BDC reticle for shooting more than 500 yards targets.

Focal Plane


The modern rifle scopes come with optional positions of the reticle – the first focal plane (FFP) and the second focal plane (SFP). The second focal plane, which is common in many scopes implies that the reticle will not change in size even after the magnification of the scope is altered. Is this important? Yes. The clarity of the target remains consistent with any change in magnification. In mildot and BDC, however, maximum magnification of the reticles will be critical for optimal utilization. On the other hand, with the first focal plane, reticles scale up and down following magnification.


Scope Adjustments

Knowing the amount of optical power and the type of reticle you need is not enough. On the field, adjusting the scope is important, making it a factor to consider. For scope adjustments, there are two different systems – the Minute of Angle (MOA) and the Milradian (MRAD). You will want to choose the adjustment system that works for the ranges you will be shooting, as well as the type that has minimal complexities when calculating the required adjustments.



With long range shooting, you should be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket if the best results are anything you want to come by. For instance, to get rid of parallax, you will have to acquire an expensive riflescope for long range shooting. Make no mistake; I do not wish to imply that everything expensive is ideal. You may want to get the industry’s top brands and a warranty which will need a little more spending.


Our Experience

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