Mountain bike guide for beginners

Mountain biking is one of the best adventure sports to get an adrenaline rush and get rid of your boredom on weekends. Beside thrills, it also provides you with rigorous physical activity and keeps you fit. So before going out to purchase a mountain bike we need to under it properly.

What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes are extremely versatile as they are designed for off-road use and are all terrain bikes. Because of such use, they are made from high-performance parts to provide better comfort and safety even on most rough trains.

So before selecting a mountain bike, you need to do following things.

· Estimate a Budget: You must decide how much you want to invest and is the most influencing factor in deciding what kind of bike you are going to get as its rightly as mountain bikes start from $250 and go all the way up to $10,000. In this regard, it’s said as “what you pay is what you get.” A higher budget will let you have better quality frames and more advanced features.

· Find your needs: Mountain bikes are specifically designed for different trails, so it becomes quite important to understand what kind of trail you will ride and accordingly select a type which suits your style best. For example, if your trail offers a lift service, or mostly you ride local trails you can opt for downhill or hardtail respectively.

· Features: Look for features such as Brakes, Suspensions, Wheel, Shifting System and Saddle and choose them accordingly to support your needs. For example, it would be okay to have only rear shifting system and front suspension. Once you master the skills, you can later have a bike with more advanced features.

· Selecting right size: you should choose frame size very carefully based on your height. If you pick a frame which is not meant for you, then it won’t give you a delightful ride experience.

The following table may help you

Height (feet & inch) Frame size (inch)

4’10”- 5’3” – 13’-15’

5’3”-5’7” – 15’-17’

5’7”-5’11” – 17’-19’

5’11”-6’2” – 19’-21’

6’2”-6’4” – 21’-23’

6’4” above – 23’ above

Before making the purchase get the terms of warranty and if possible try to take a test ride to ensure your comfort.