Gun Safety Guide

Given the risks involved with handling firearms besides the fact that more and more guns are making their way into the wrong hands, gun safety is of particular importance to teach to children. Just in case a weapon is in a home for personal protection it should be stored correctly and out of the reach of children. In fact, deaths from firearms are the primary cause of death in children as the majority of the incidents that cause injury are not intentional.

Each year there are a large number of children that are injured by guns. Although most injuries by firearms occur in children of the adolescent age, many young children and infants are affected as well. At times if a young child sees a gun, any may not be aware that it’s something that is dangerous and not meant to be touched, they may play with it. This takes place time and again in the home and certainly needs to be addressed children early on.

It is estimated that in the United States, there are firearms in almost 50% of the homes. In spite of the fact that this estimate is inflated, it still means there are many homes does have guns which in turn makes gun safety extremely important. Predominately the firearms are for reasons of safety and protection, but it is more likely that you will injure or kill a family member or friend than an intruder in the home.

Taking into account that there has been some injuries and death from guns in the home there are currently programs set up to teach both parents and children the significance of gun safety.

One must remember that safe storage of a gun should be a priority if choosing to have a gun in the home. A safe or even a locked drawer should be used, and anything without a lock on it is clearly unsafe. Kids are inquisitive and will look in places all over the house. If a lock is in place, it takes away the chance that the child will be able to find the firearm.

Another safety measure that you must remember as a gun holder is to keep your fingers away from the trigger when you do not need firing. In the excitement of hunting, you can easily press the trigger before getting set and this can create havoc and injuries which could become fatal. Relax as much as you can and understand the power of what you are handling.

Don’t handle a gun if you are drunk. And don’t allow others that are drunk to handle your gun. This is another imperative measure that you need to remember as alcohol affects our senses and our reason and it is better to keep away from these dangerous things than to moan for its consequences.

You should also be positive to keep the safety on your gun. This is another common cause of yearly gun injuries and deaths. Only have the safety off when you intend to fire your weapon. Even with the safety off, this is crucial. The best policy is to prevent a gun from being able to work until when you need it.

Something else that is crucial is to take care of your ammunition. Specifically, you should be careful where you store your ammunition. Never store your gun or guns in the same place as your ammunition. Have a spot to keep both of them. And it is crucial that you never store loaded weapons.

One aspect of gun safety that many overlooks are whether or not your gun is clean. Clean out the barrel of your gun every time that you use it. The reason is more than just because you will keep your gun nice and shiny. You need to clean your gun because it will prevent your gun from jamming and misfiring, which can be very dangerous.

It is not only your responsibility to keep your children safe and sound, but it needs to be your priority. Hence to be more informed about how to keep your gun stored far away from little children is plainly crucial.